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  1. 5 B2B Strategies For Prospecting For New Clients
  2. The Art of Prospecting for Customers
  3. 1. Consistency Counts: Prospect Daily!

Use an easy flowing, conversational script to introduce your product or purpose for calling.

5 B2B Strategies For Prospecting For New Clients

If you are doing all the talking, the likelihood of convincing someone they need your product or service isn't going to be high. Asking questions and presenting your product or services benefits turns the focus of the call onto them instead of you. Finally, if an individual says they are not interested, ask them if they know of someone who might be and get a referral. Email : While email isn't as effective as a direct conversation, it's less scary and often a great way to introduce yourself.

The Art of Prospecting for Customers

The trick is to not simply send a "buy" email, but instead, offer something of value. Give a brief explanation of who you are, then provide a coupon or a free article on a relevant topic. Review the anti-spam laws , which require you to include an unsubscribe option to every contact. Here are some additional resources on email marketing.

In-Person : There are many ways to meet potential clients and customers in person.

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For B2B, you can walk into their business. Or you can call and make an appointment to meet for B2B or B2C. In many cases, you can meet prospects while you're out and about at the grocery store or on an airplane, or wherever you may be. Don't tell them everything all at once.

2. Turn Off the Distractions

Instead, find out their wants and needs and tailor your presentation to show how your produce or service is the solution to their problem. Always have sales material on hand to help you in this process such as samples or catalogs. Make sure and end with a call to action and a promise to follow-up. Create the piece you plan to send, whether that is a postcard, brochure , letter etc. Once you have the finished piece in hand, you can either address and stamp them yourself, or hire a fulfillment house to do it for you.

If you are mailing many pieces, there are both time and cost benefits to using a fulfillment house to address, stuff, and stamp. However, a hand placed stamp may be less likely to look like junk mail. The fortune is in the follow-up. It can take five or more contacts to achieve a sale. People who have the job title that typically buy your offering inside industries into which you typically sell. Be positive. Believe you will succeed.

If you fail try again. Be optimistic. Look for the best in people and expect good things to happen. Visualize success. Imagine ALL the emotions you'll feel when you achieve your goal. If you hear something like this, you can skip the script and jump right to the close. Like this column?

How To Find Social Media Marketing Clients - Exactly How I Prospect - Late 2018 Method

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1. Consistency Counts: Prospect Daily!

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