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Germany, British agent Stephen Felinski is parachuted into Hitler's fast-collapsing empire with orders to reorganize a group of Soviet agents abandoned by Moscow. Thirty years later, a top British politician defects to the Russians, and Felinski is called out of retirement to help - because of a friendship formed among the ruins of Nazi Germany.

The link is The Special Collection, a daring and meticulously planned Soviet attempt to bring social and industrial chaos to Britain.

A long buried and shocking secret has been uncovered. Decades later, Soviet agents are ready to use this information to shatter the NATO alliance and use the ensuing geopolitical chaos to strengthen their position in Europe.


Download PDF Palomino Blonde: Tad Anders Book 2

Only one man stands in their way. Ted Bailey thought his days as an Intelligence Operative were long gone. He certainly wasn't expecting to be blackmailed back into action, especially not by his own side. So Bailey returns to the arena of international espionage and finds that little has changed. As a result, Kane was inaugurated as the The BBC Radio 4 programme Desert Island Discs invites castaways to choose eight pieces of music, a book in addition to the Bible - or a religious text appropriate to that person's beliefs - and the Complete Works of Shakespeare and a luxury item that they would take to an imaginary desert island, where they will be marooned indefinitely.

The rules state that the chosen luxury item must not be anything animate or indeed anything that enables the castaway to escape from the island, for instance a radio set, sailing yacht or aeroplane. The choices of book and luxury can sometimes give insight into the guest's life, and the choices of guests between and are listed here.

Adrian, Jack 15 December The Independent. Retrieved 10 July Winks, Robin W. The Washington Post. Britton, Wesley Alan Greenwood Publishing Group. Johns, Adrian 8 November The New York Times. Johnson, Michael 2 January The Guardian. She spent her last summer of secondary school working as an au pair in Paris, before enrolling at th Folders related to Stella Rimington: Women autobiographers Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Directors General of MI5 Revolvy Brain revolvybrain 21st-century British women writers Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Pirate radio in Europe topic Pirate radio exists in most countries in Europe. List of Desert Island Discs episodes —80 topic The BBC Radio 4 programme Desert Island Discs invites castaways to choose eight pieces of music, a book in addition to the Bible - or a religious text appropriate to that person's beliefs - and the Complete Works of Shakespeare and a luxury item that they would take to an imaginary desert island, where they will be marooned indefinitely. Revolvy Site Map. I am the person who posted the original query and want to respond to the suggestions posted as possible solutions.

To wit: Thanks for the suggestions, but I am sorry to say that after checking out the links you provided, neither of the illustrators you suggested is the one I am looking for. Furthermore, it was definitely one book not two that I might have confused and Falada was also definitely beheaded, hung on a wall, and talking to the Goose Girl. I am browsing the book website on which you had found them and think it might have been John Bauer his trolls and hags look very familiar Here's hoping.

Everywhere I look at books I'm trying to find answers to these stumpers!!

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I'm going buggy!!!! Is it possible that your book is one of those collections that has multiple illustrators?? It contains Goose Girl in which Falada's head is hung on the wall and he speaks. The illustrator of the story is Eulalie-- but the artwork is very different from her colored work in the Bumper Book,- rather it is simple black and white line drawings that may have a hint of the art deco to them. This particular book does not have The Pied Piper so it is probably not the one you are seeking.

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Sure hope this helps! For those people hunting for series of books this may be a useful bit of information! Illustrated by Fritz Kredel. Translated by Mrs.

Palomino Blonde - Ted Allbeury - Google книги

I am pretty sure this is the book you are looking for. I have it sitting on my shelf. There are both colorful pictures and some just sketches mine are in red and white. The stories are pretty gruesome, including a talking severed horse head named falda. Most of the stories include some death or dismemberment. Battered and beaten, with the cover all but destroyed, the illustrations are as fresh and lovely as the day it was given me.

Grimm Brothers , Grimm's Fairy Tales , I think this is the same book mentioned in the original query. It has an orange cover with a black Sleeping Beauty illustration and line drawings throughout. The art deco look and the clogs are all there. The first story listed is Rumpel-stilts-kin and the last is Clever Grethel. These are the gory oldies for the most part.

I have no idea who the translator is. The last page notes that this series was published as "The Star Books for Children: Happiness on every page". I hope that helps. A possible is Castle of Comfort , by L. Atherton , illustrated by S. Findley, published London, Faber , pages. Her home, the Castle of Comfort, then becomes the setting for various historic scenes, and is intended, with Nell herself and her family, to be a focus for each bye-story.

G50 grandmother's garden: there is a book called Grandmother's Garden , by Hazel Cook Corcoran , published Parthenon No plot description as yet, but it seems to be fairly rare and there is no LC listing. I started to read a book once in school called Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Time I think about a girl in a garden to which something magical was about to happen related to the thyme plant when the teacher consificated to book and I never got to finish it.

Edward Eager, The Time Garden , s. Someone suggested that your book might be Parsley Sage Rosemary and Time , but it probably isn't--that book takes the girl only goes back to Colonial America. In the Time Garden , though, there are 4 kids staying with an elderly woman, and they travel back in time to meet famous people from the past--Louise May Alcott and possibly Joan of Arc.

It's worth looking at--paperback is still in print. Hazel Cook Corcoran, Grandmother's Garden, This is a small book of poetry. Both are signed by the author. I am trying to find out more about the books and author. Maybe Could you be getting it mixed up with Horton Hatches an Egg?

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Bodecker, which have various tiny animals hedgehogs, rabbits, etc. The signs, lighted windows of houses, etc.

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Illustrations are copyright by Bodecker for Night-Lite Library, but the only book showing on a google search is Kraus's Night-Lite Storybook and Kraus's publishing house, Windmill, was the one that issued the calendars. I am wracking my brains over G My college-age children and I all agree that the illustrations look very familiar!! I am inclined to suggest Gateway to Storyland by Watty Piper late 50's edition which was mine as child that I kept for my children. It's up in the attic--I just went to check, but it's about degrees up there and I didn't find it immediately and had to leave!!

I'll try to check later. I still think I KNOW those illustrations--could you tell me a little more info--what are the dimensions of the book and what was time frame you first had the book? I looked thru all the books I have here with no luck--but there is a falling apart book of Mother Goose at my mom's that I'll check next time I'm home. Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes. I think we had this book as children too. Those pictures are definately familiar.

I would try Mother Goose. Just a suggestion! I have a book called Favorite Nursery Tales that is similar to what you describe. It is smallish- 62 pages long. It has all the stories but Three Little Kittens- but there are some poems along the way. Mine is a edition. There is an edition from perhaps that resembles your long lost book. I have never been able to pull up your pictures to see what they look like! Sutton, Margaret, The Haunted Attic , I can't remember the entire plot of this Judy Bolton mystery, but this might be the one.

This is not the Haunted Attic by Margaret Sutton. You mistakenly classed one of my stumpers as "solved". I have also read that story-a couple of days ago-and it is not the book that I am looking for. Can you please put it back under "unsolved"?

The Allen kids discover a girl hiding in the cabin they're living in.